A Biker Chick’s Guide To Skincare And Looking Fabulous

A Biker Chick's Guide To Skincare And Looking Fabulous

Having beautiful skin is a goal for most women. And, whether you are on your motorcycle or off, there are some things you can do to keep it healthy and gorgeous. Having a good skincare routine has especially become important for me since I turned 40 last year. So, I want to share my routine and hopefully give you some new tricks to keep in your beauty arsenal.

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A Biker Chick's Guide To Skincare And Looking Fabulous

Before The Ride

Caring for your skin starts before you even hit the road, and really should be a daily thing. Hydrate! Drink plenty of water before you head out in the morning and keep it up throughout the day. This sets you up to feel good for the day and wards off dehydration during the ride.

In the shower, finish with a good moisturizer like Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer. I love this stuff! It is probably the best thing since sliced bread, seriously. Just smooth it on before you dry off and pat dry.

Jergens wet skin moisturizer


After your shower, be sure to apply a good sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. SPF 50 is my go-to, especially in summer. I really love Supergoop! sunscreen. It’s a spray, so it’s easy to apply and it doesn’t feel heavy. It’s also SPF 50 and water-resistant. Win! Be sure not to forget your hands and any other exposed areas.

Supergoop SPF 50 Sunscreen


After you’ve washed your face with a gentle cleanser, be sure to apply a moisturizer with sunscreen added in. Don’t forget to apply it to your neck and upper chest. I use this Neutrogena one here. Apply a foundation with sunscreen for added protection. I use a CC cream for the added anti-aging benefits. My favorite right now is this one from It Cosmetics. Also, carry a lip protector with sunscreen, try one made with beeswax, as it will not melt in hot weather and offers far superior protection.

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better™ CC Cream

During the ride, if I’m not wearing my full face helmet, I wear a neck gaiter or bandana to cover the lower half of my face and neck. It also keeps the sun, bugs and road debris off of my face. I sure don’t want to arrive at my destination or roll into an event with bug guts on my face!


If you wear eye makeup opt for a waterproof eyeliner and mascara. My eyes tend to tear up a lot even if I’m wearing glasses or goggles. Having waterproof eye makeup keeps me from looking like a raccoon.


After The Ride

I always get a good shower after a ride to get the road grime off of me. I usually feel pretty dried out after a ride. I’ve learned to just keep rehydrating and moisturizing. This is what works for me. Obviously, we all have different skin types. Mine tends to be more on the sensitive side. You will no doubt come up with your own skincare routine to keep you fresh on and off the bike.

The products I have mentioned are ones that use, love and are time-tested. I use what works for me and has nothing to do with name or cost, but purely on its functionality and ability to do the job I want it to for the conditions and elements that I live in.

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I hope to see you on the road!

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A Biker Chick's Guide To Skincare And Looking Fabulous

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8 responses to “A Biker Chick’s Guide To Skincare And Looking Fabulous

  1. Great ideas! I’m 42 so I’m always looking for products that will prevent wrinkles. And although I don’t ride a motorcycle, I prefer waterproof eye makeup because I do tend to have watery eyes.

    • Me too! Always looking for great anti-aging stuff that I can afford. My waterproof mascara is a godsend for not looking like a raccoon lol.

    • I do too! I’m so fair skinned that 30 minutes in the sun and I’m a crispy critter if I forget sunscreen! And water is a must! Nothing will ruin a ride more than getting dehydrated half way through the day. 🙂

  2. I was wondering about supergoop. I will have to give it a try. WE used to cycle on our holidays and staying hydrated and moisturized was a challenge.

  3. Natalie

    This is a wonderful post.I found your blog on pinterest and its godsend.I come from Kenya, in East Africa and recently took up riding.Am a few days shy of three months into it and i am loving it.I love make-up am such an enthusiast but have been wondering what to do seeing as i wear a full face helmet. Al take up this skin care routine and if possible perhaps would i get some recommendations on what make up products to use that will not rub off on my balaclava leaving me looking like a clown.Thanks

    • That’s awesome Natalie! Welcome to the world of riding!. Just go light with the foundation, don’t cake it on. You can even mix it with a little SPF moisturizer to make it more of a tinted moisturizer. And be sure to set it with a finishing spray or translucent powder. That should help keep your make on you and not in your helmet, haha. Show off your eyes with waterproof liner and mascara. 🙂

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