How To Plan A Wedding For Under $2000

planning an epic wedding on a budget
How to plan a wedding on a budget

Planning an unconventional wedding is a lot of fun. When you’re on a tight budget like we are, you have to get a little creative. Here you will see how I’m pulling off the perfect biker wedding for under $2000.

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I had no idea how much weddings cost these days. When I read that the average wedding costs upwards of $20,000 I think I died a little inside. There was simply no way we could afford that. Going into debt for our wedding is not an option, so we were going to have to shave a zero off of that number.

I was afraid my little girl dreams of a big, beautiful wedding, where I was the pretty-pretty-princess (in biker boots) were lost.

The Wedding Budget

So, my future husband and I sat down for a get-real talk about what we absolutely wanted and had to have for this wedding. We found that there were some non-negotiable things that were important to both of us as far as the ceremony and reception were concerned. Then, we narrowed the cost down a lot by not including things we really didn’t care about.

So with these things in mind, we budgeted $2,000 to spend on the wedding, dinner and the reception. With some careful spending, I am confident we can make it work.

I know you are dying to know how we are going to pull this off, so here we go.

The Venue – $250

To save money, we decided to have the wedding on a Friday night (cheaper than Saturday) and to have the ceremony and reception all in one place. This would also make it easier for our guests. We got lucky and found a local charity hall that was open for our date. They have a nice space where we can set up the ceremony, they will cater a buffet dinner, and the reception area has a bar and will more than accommodate our 50 -75 guests.

Officiant – $100

We found a local woman who is a licensed non-denominational wedding officiant on Facebook.

Dinner – $260

The hall charges $13 a plate for the buffet. While that is not over priced, we are planning on at least 50 guests, and $650 is NOT in the budget. So I put my creative thinking tiara on and decided that we would have a private ceremony with only our closest family and friends. That knocked the buffet total down to about $260. Dinner will be in between the ceremony and the reception, so the rest of the guests (ie. co-workers, and other friends) will be invited to the reception.

Reception Drinks & Snacks – $40

I am planning on having a popcorn bar for snacks, and the reception area has a cash bar.

Cake – $50

I am the bakery manager at a local bakery and my head cake decorator just happens to be my Maid of Honor. We will be doing the cake and cupcakes ourselves, so the price is just for supplies.

Decorations – $100

Since I have mad DIY crafting skills, I will be making most of the wedding decor with the help of my bridal party and friends. I have also been scouring thrift stores, dollar stores, and as many garage sales as I can to find the items we can’t craft. You can find great deals on vases, table runners, candles and such.


Flowers – $50

I am making our bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages myself. The supplies will be about $50 with 1/2 off coupons and the weekly sales at Hobby Lobby and Micheals.

Music – $0

As a wedding gift, my Maid of Honor booked the DJ for us. She really is an amazing friend.

Attire – $475

I found my dress at a local shop on sale for $350. I absolutely love it! It’s an a-line silhouette with really pretty details and a corset back.

The guys will be wearing leather vests, black pants, white shirts, and orange ties. Their outfits will be about $75 each.

Invitations – $100

My very good friend, who I enlisted as my wedding coordinator, has a brother who is a graphic designer. He is giving us a deal on the invitations.

Photography -$250

Another friend, an amateur photographer, offered to do our pictures for the day. She is flying in from Arizona, so we offered to buy her plane ticket.

A Little Padding For The Extras

I know there will be extra stuff come up, like hair and makeup, the marriage license and other miscellaneous stuff.

So with all of that, we get a grand total of $1675. Not bad!

Here are some tips to help you plan.

  • Decide how much you are willing to spend and stick with it.
  • Sit down with your significant other for a get-real talk about what is important to both of you when it comes to the details of the wedding.
  • Don’t invite people out of guilt, EVER! It’s YOUR wedding after all.
  • Ask for help from family and friends. Have a friend who dabbles in cake decorating or has a great place to host the reception? Ask them to help you out! They will most likely be flattered you thought of them.
  • Remember that invitations are thrown away 80% of the time, even if there is a photo on it.
  • Our friends are amazing and have really pitched in to help us out for this wedding. Still, the cost is pretty low overall. It seems hard at first to scale back when you have big dreams and you’re on a tight budget. However, not going into debt for the wedding is an amazing feeling. Our beautiful biker wedding will be amazing and I will have the wedding of my dreams, biker boots and all.


P.S. This summer I will be posting all the ins and outs of our wedding. Plus there will be lots of DIY wedding projects. Sign up for updates so you don’t miss out on future posts!



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