Our Honeymoon at The 2017 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Honeymoon Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Well, we did it! We got married! I’ll be posting all about our Harley Davidson wedding as soon as I get the pictures back from the photographers. But I want to share our amazing Honeymoon at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally with you today. Sturgis 2017 was amazing. It was our first time to go to the rally and we were not disappointed.

If you have never been to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, it really is a must for your bucket list. This was the 77th year for the Sturgis Rally and early counts are sitting at around 376,000 people for 2017 vs. 360,000 for 2016. The rumble of bikes awakens the sleepy town of Sturgis, SD every year in August and the party ensues for ten days (or more). With great concerts, food, and amazing scenery to ride through, it’s no wonder the rally is a Meca for bikers and enthusiasts from all over the world.

Getting ready to ride to Sturgis
Wearing my Sisters of the Traveling Bag shirt and carrying the Lauren Sport Bag for the chance to win my own bag.

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Let’s Go!

We started our trip on Saturday and had a good ride south down to the Black Hills. It takes us about 5 hours to get there on the bikes. We rented a cabin at the New Full Throttle Saloon/ Pappy Hoel Campground for the week. The cabin was great.  It was huge with a full bed, set of bunk beds, microwave, ac, and a full-size refrigerator.

Hanging out at the New Full Throttle Saloon

We were pretty wiped out from the ride, so the first night we just hung out at the Full Throttle. I love to people watch! The crowds were fun and the music was great. My new awesome Hubby even bought me a new Harley Davidson bracelet from one of the vendors. I love jewelry!

new Harley Davidson bracelet


I lost my phone Saturday night. Epic fail. So the day was spent trying to track it, to no avail, then trying to figure out how to get it replaced. But, that wasn’t going to stop us from having a good time! We took Sunday to get “the lay of the land”. Listened to the Pat Travers Band, and even got a photo op with a couple of the Micro Wrestling team members.

Micro Wrestling photo op

Monday – Mount Rushmore

We took a beautiful ride through Vanocker Canyon on our way to see Mount Rushmore. It’s a gorgeous 17-mile winding road that cuts through the heart of the canyon.

standing at mt rushmore

Mount Rushmore was awesome. It was our first time to see the monument, and it really is amazing when you think of the work and time it took to create it.

Mt Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

Monday night we got to see Travis Tritt. He put on a fun show and we were right up in front! I sang my country heart out to some of my favorites.

Tuesday – Sturgis, Shopping, and Tattoos!

We decided to get a day pass for one of the shuttles and headed to Downtown Sturgis. We spent the day shopping at the vendors and had lunch at One Eyed Jacks Saloon. That burger was amazeballs! We even got new tattoos! Seeing all the bikes and different people was really cool and we didn’t even mind that it rained for a bit.

Wednesday- Pappy Hoel Ride, Spearfish Canyon, and Deadwood

Wednesday was The Pappy Hoel Memorial Ride that The Full Throttle puts on every year. We went through breathtaking Spearfish Canyon and ended in Deadwood, SD. It was my first big group ride, so I was pretty nervous. But it went well and we had a ton of fun. We ended up going back to Deadwood that night for drinks and some gambling at the casinos.

Thursday – Stunts and The Biker’s Ball

We checked out some of the attractions at The Full Throttle on Thursday. Our favorite was the Wall of Death with Rhett Rotten. That man is seriously crazy, but a ton of fun to watch the stunts he does.


These girls on the tight wire were fun too. Of course, the guys really enjoyed the show, haha.

The Biker’s Ball is Jackyl Night! We had VIP tickets (which honestly was a waste of money, but oh, well). It was a great show. Jessie James Dupree never disappoints.

Friday- Blowing Stuff Up

Friday we spent the day resting and went to the range to get to shoot some fully automatic weapons and basically blow stuff up. It was really cool to watch the Hubby shoot a 50 caliber gun and shoot a grenade launcher. I even got to blow up some Shockwave. What a way to end the week!

The Takeaway

We had a fantastic Honeymoon. Going to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was a blast. We will definitely try to go again next year. We met some really great people and the music, food and beautiful sights made it all worth it. Here are some more pictures from our week.

Honeymoon Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

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