Finding Direction When You Have No Freaking Clue

Finding Direction When You Have No Clue

Eyes Up! Look Where You Want To Go!

One of the first things you learn when learning to ride a motorcycle is “Eyes up! Look where you want to go!”. Basically, this means that whatever direction you are looking in is where your bike will go. Some people call it physics or “target fixation”, but whatever it is, it’s absolutely true.

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Here is an example from my experience. When I was first learning to ride, I took a trip around my neighborhood getting used to stopping and starting, turns, and basic maneuvers. All of a sudden, there was a dog that ran out in front of me about 20 feet or so. I realized my mistake when I almost ran into a PARKED CAR! Instead of watching the road, I was watching the dog. I wasn’t looking in the direction I wanted to go.

The same principle is true in life as well. What are you fixated on? What direction do you want your life to take? Are you actively aware of where you are heading? Here are some tools that will help you find direction when you have no freaking clue.

Seeking Direction

Some people seem to have it all together. They are the lucky few that automatically know what their purpose in life is and what direction their life should go in. However, that no one really has all their crap together all the time. Most of us are “Seekers”.  It’s like we’re on this big scavenger hunt trying to find the things that we need to get to where we’re going. But that is really cool! We get to have an adventure! With missteps, trying new things, and discovering things we didn’t even know were out there, we find that the journey is just as exciting as the destination. Along the way, we find things we love and that work for us and we leave the rest.

Finding Direction

Following The GPS

We all have an Inner Guide. Some may call it Spirit or intuition, but it’s built into all of us. Our job is to listen. I like to explain it as a built-in GPS. It’s the little voice in your head that warns you when something isn’t quite right or tells you to do something that ends up benefitting you. Sometimes it’s the excitement of a new project or idea. It’s always pointing you in the direction you need to go.

Detours Along The Way

Sometimes when we think we have finally found our direction, Life takes a turn and we end up heading somewhere else. There are detours and unexpected obstacles. Even when we find our direction it will most likely change and morph into something completely different.

For example, you might start a new business and close it a year later. You may get that awesome job or career you wanted, just to find out you really hate it. You begin a new project that gets you noticed and you find yourself promoted to a totally new career that you didn’t even know was possible.

If you listen to your Inner GPS, you find out that all of these things are giant successes. You now know what works for you, what doesn’t, and why. With this new knowledge, you can move forward with a better understanding of your direction.

Joy In The Journey

“Life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey.”

When I’m riding my motorcycle, I love to take in my surroundings. I love the smell of honeysuckle in the Spring and the beauty of the landscape. When I’m really enjoying the ride, I’m not too worried about when I’ll get to where I’m going.

Finding happiness in the journey frees your mind from the stress of worrying about the destination. One of the ways to do this is with thankfulness. What are you thankful for and WHY? The WHY is the key here.

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The more mindful we are of the good things in our lives, the more present we become. This allows us to be open to our direction. Once a month, make a list of all the things you are thankful for and why. Circle the whys. This will give you insight into the direction you need to explore.

Easy Roads

I love when I get on a nice smooth road with new pavement. There aren’t any cracks or potholes yet and it’s easy riding. What comes easy for you? What are your natural gifts and talents? This is often a huge clue for your direction.

Maybe you are the friend that everyone comes to for advice. Or, you are great at giving fashion advice or technical help. Make a list of the things that come easy to you and reflect on them.

The Answer Is Blowing In The Wind

Life can get really hectic. Our to-do lists grow to be a mile long and we are moving so fast that we end up running out of gas and getting burned out. With all of this “noise”, it’s almost impossible to hear our Inner Guide. Take your time and slow down now and then. Take a break from electronics and social media. Get out in nature, go for a ride or a long walk. Give your Inner Guide a chance to speak. When you hear it, then you can act on it. Trust the wisdom you hear and begin to build a trusting relationship with the most important voice you should be listening to.

Routine Maintenance

Think of your spirit as a motorcycle or a car. You have to do routine maintenance to keep it at top performance, right? Well, the same is true for us. Get out and do more of the things you love. Play more!  Take care of yourself. The more you do things that bring happiness into your life, the more you will discover about yourself and your direction along the way.

Where Are You Going?

Whenever I go on a trip, I always make sure I’m prepared for whatever may come up. I look at the possible routes to get to my destination and map out a course. I pay attention and I am aware of possible obstacles along the way.

Keep in mind where you want your life to go. If you are just going through life, not really paying attention, you could wind up somewhere you didn’t intend to go. What are your dreams? Create a picture in your mind of what it would look like for your dream to happen. Now think about how it feels. Remember this feeling and come back to it when you seem to be off-course. This way you get back on track to where you want to go.

So now, with all of these “tools”, you will be well on your way to following your Inner GPS and the direction you need to go.

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