A Biker Chick’s Guide To Preventing Helmet Hair

preventing helmet hair

I’ll admit that sometimes I’m a bit of a girly girl. Gasp! But when I’m riding, I don’t usually care too much about my hair. Helmets are a necessary evil to keep our sexy brains in the bucket where they belong, but they are not hair friendly, to say the least. There are times, however, that I don’t want my hair plastered to my scalp or looking like a rat’s nest after the helmet comes off. The easiest way to prevent helmet hair is to chop off your hair. A cute pixie cut or short-cropped hairstyle is great under helmets. But if you aren’t ready to get the scissors out just yet, keep reading and we’ll talk about defeating the dreaded “helmet hair” situation.

Prep Your Hair

The best defense for helmet hair is a good offense. I love feeling my hair in the wind. It’s also murder on it. Wind whipping your hair around can cause serious damage making it prone to split ends, breakage, and dryness.  So the first thing you should do is to NOT shampoo your hair. Wait, what? Yup, don’t wash it before a long ride. This will keep the natural oils in your hair and help prevent the dryness and damage the wind can cause. Just wash it after your ride or when you get to your destination. You will want to anyway because of the sweat, road grime, and pollution that collects in your hair when riding all day.

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Next, thoroughly brush your hair to distribute the natural oils and create a barrier to protect your strands.  My favorite brush is the Wet Brush. It makes detangling my hair a breeze and can be used on wet or dry hair. It’s also small enough to put in my bag to carry with me on the bike.

wet brush
Once your hair is tangle free, you should treat your hair with a small amount of a good leave in conditioner and some texturizing spray. This will keep your hair strong, manageable and shiny.


My hair is a little past my shoulders and I wear bangs. For people like me with medium to long hair, a bandana or a hair wrap is a must. These keep your hair in place and prevent flyaways. It needs to be thin enough to fit under your helmet. The wraps keep your hair back away from your face and they look cute too. I have about a dozen of them, some blingy, some not, and my favorite ones are my Harley Davidson ones and the ones from That’s A Wrap.

Along with a good hair wrap, if your hair is long enough you should braid it. Trying out different types of braids like French braids, Dutch braids, and fishtails are fun ways to change up your style. Braiding your hair helps prevent damage and always looks good even after a ride. If you’re all thumbs, you can also get the same effect with hair ties. Pull your hair into a low ponytail or pigtails and add a hair tie every half-inch or so down the length. This is also super cute. Another great option is a hair glove. They come in different lengths and will keep your hair protected and in place.

So there you have it. You don’t have to fall victim to helmet hair, and it certainly shouldn’t keep you from enjoying a good ride. When all else fails, “Fix your hair when you get there”. But hopefully, these tips will get you there looking like the beautiful badass you are.

What are your go-to ways to prevent helmet hair? Leave your comments below. Happy riding!

Preventing Helmet Hair

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